About Havillah Consulting Inc.

HCI provides advisory services in the following sectors:
Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Safety & Environment, Consultancy, Government, and Industry

Who We Are

Havillah Consulting Inc (HCI) is a consulting firm that offers  consultation and guidance on a broad variety of strategic and venture-specific issues, to a developing customer base of businesses, government and regulatory agencies. . We specialise in the Occupational Hygiene & Safety, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, and Power sectors.

What We Do

HCI offers guidance to it’s clients on significant ventures with multi-disciplinary groups that work under the direction of Senior Experts. Likewise, we can give expert guidance on a solitary specialized or expert issue. Overall, we ensure that we have a balanced combination of both the expert knowledge & vast experience our clients need.

How We Do It

HCI always seeks to understand it’s clients’ needs and in turn offers uniquely tailored guidance and customer support. Additionally, HCI takes the initiative and is not reluctant to object and offer recommendations that it considers will help its clients accomplish their vital goals.

Our structure is developed to ensure that our clients will at all times get the best experts for their ventures, regardless of their area/region.

We are naturally cordial and furnish our clients with dedication and value adding propositions. We likewise cultivate long term associations with our clients and their groups.